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Varsity Heroes: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted in Video on April 30, 2009 by varsityheroes

Some of our users had teething problems with understanding the basic mechanics of deploy, move, attack etc. So this here is a basic tutorial to help all of you guys – now, and in the future.

p.s. anyone knows any voice actors?


Looking ahead

Posted in Game on April 28, 2009 by varsityheroes

What's at the end of the tunnel?What started off as a side interest has now become a full blown phenomenon of sorts. No this isn’t about uppercutting a flying cockroach after getting on a stool and jumping really high. This isn’t about walking out into the garden with a shovel, a bucket of KFC and dreams of growing a chicken wing tree. This isn’t about crashing the stage and stealing the mic on a Pink Floyd concert after practicing 6 straight hours on Guitar Hero 4. This isn’t even about slapping midgets around a bit with a large trout. I’m over all of that.

This is about Varsity Heroes.

We’ve come a long way from the days Varsity Heroes was merely a figment of imagination. The external beta will shortly be concluded and there are several lessons to digest: pwnage can come from places you least expect, users are partners in this line of work, sleep is over-rated and conquering rival campuses is fun.

From here on, we’ll firstly wrap up our external beta and then launch some new exciting summer games, laden with new features and battle arenas (laden as in the verb and not the noun). Meanwhile, keep the feedback coming fellas – most of the suggestions thus far have been the highest degree of awesome and will see the light of day pretty soon.

Here’s a toast to some BIG plans for the summer!

GIKI unable to access Varsity Heroes

Posted in Bugs on April 26, 2009 by varsityheroes

OMFGIn case some of you were wondering where all the GIKI folks went (no there was no CDES event this weekend and I don’t think they’d leave varheroes for Keller, Getty & Skove or Swokowski for that matter).

The real reason is they have been unable to load the game from the hostels even though they can play from the labs (who goes to the labs in a purely residential setup bleh)

Anyways our piece of advice is that you guys should take up the matter with the in-charge of the CPU room from where the net gets distributed to the hostels. We believe that if there’s any party that can resolve this problem it has to be someone who resides on the Frozen Throne (its really really cold in the CPU room).

Anyways with respect to clan chat, it has been migrated to use ports 8080 and 6667. We were told that these ports are accessible from GIKI. Do let us know how that goes and also say aye if you agree to the ports being open in the first place.

Good luck maties and have some Rum!! Or milkshake.

The saga of Gym Drive

Posted in Game on April 24, 2009 by varsityheroes

Gym Drive All factions have tried super hard to conquer this little piece of the battle arena. And all of them have ended up butt hurt. There have been no exceptions! I was looking at some historical data and managed to unearth the following ownership breakdown for Gym Drive from the past twelve days:

Turn 12: GIKI
Turn 11: LUMS
Turn 10: GIKI
Turn 09: FAST
Turn 08: GIKI
Turn 07: FAST
Turn 06: GIKI
Turn 05: FAST
Turn 04: FAST
Turn 03: GIKI
Turn 02: GIKI
Turn 01: GIKI

Why does everyone want Gym Drive so bad? Why is it hard to hold Gym Drive? I don’t have definitive answers to these, but it may have something to do with its tactical location. The coming days will probably shed more light on this.

p.s. a small celebration is on the cards – we hit 400 users tonight =)

Clan chat: The Second Coming

Posted in Game on April 23, 2009 by varsityheroes

Clan chatFolks, you can now talk in realtime to everyone on your team – just check out the widget on the bottom right of the battle arena. Again, you know the drill: this is in beta and we totally expect you guys to run this thing into the ground a couple of times before it attains godlike functioning.

Currently, it seems to be doing the job for Firefox. But my experience on IE7 wasn’t very fruitful. So folks do report whether it works on IE 7/6 or not.

Retreat mode unleashed

Posted in Game on April 21, 2009 by varsityheroes

Nuff said

Varsity Heroes: Reloaded

Posted in Poll on April 20, 2009 by varsityheroes