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Spoils of War

Posted in Game on May 18, 2009 by varsityheroes

The First HeroTwo things:

1) Some guys wanted to know what’s next. We’re thinking that since GIKI’s exams just ended, we’ll do an inter-batch Spoils of War tournament to determine who the real grand daddies of LUMS campus are. We’ll be announcing a definitive date for this pretty soon so watch this space folks.

As for LUMinites – you guys can expect a chance to get back at your GIKI masters after your finals are over. We’re talking full blown mutiny! Other universities want to have a go too so expect plenty of bloodshed. Sick init?

2) Mirroring my brutal domination of the hoops game I played with my youngish cousin (he’s six) yesterday evening, Magic posted some heavy ownage Celtic’s way. What a Game 7! Thank you Dwight Howard. Thank you Hedo Turkoglu. You’re both awesome. You’re both franchise players. But one of you needs to change your surname to something more pronounceable (though don’t ask this guy for ideas).


Uber nerd wanted

Posted in Jobs on May 9, 2009 by varsityheroes

Apply nowIf you’re acquainted with Python, Django, Flash, have experience architecting or developing highly scalable websites and want to work in a fun, innovative, and entrepreneurial environment (anxiety-induced harakiris included), please feel free to shoot an email to us at The successful candidate can expect a competitive salary; unsuccessful ones will be given vacation vouchers for Swat and Malakand. It doesn’t get better than this – you know it!

GIKI goes green – so do we

Posted in Game on May 6, 2009 by varsityheroes

GIKIKudos to the wizz kids who took GIKI green with this. Varsity Heroes wishes them the best of luck – hopefully these guys will pwn their competition in Germany.

So inspired were we by these guys that we undertook our own green initiative – ctrl c-ing, ctrl v-ing as many trees as we possibly could on the next battle arena (see above). The world will never be the same again. Think I and my pet night elves.

Propaganda posters for Varsity Heroes?

Posted in Poll on May 6, 2009 by varsityheroes

Once upon a timeThere’s nothing better than a little illustrative bashing to get somebody all pumped up and homicidal. You know a little inflammatory graffiti here, a dab of hate-art there, a propaganda poster hither, a spiteful caricature dither. It totally worked for the Soviets, for the Nazis, and for Kazakhstan.

So will it work for Varsity Heroes?

Well picture this: you’re walking to your dorm room all elated since you majorly aced the day’s quiz (ok a rare day) and on your way, you see this testosterone-spiking propaganda poster of rival university battalions reducing a famous campus landmark to rubble.

Or something along similar lines (you get the point).

Effective way to advertise on campus? Yes/No/Burp?