A new threat from the South

Lean mean fighting machineAs the curtains reopen after a hot summer and inter-university ownage makes a return, there are new rivalries in the air. We were recently able to add IBA’s gaming gods to the fold; and so LUMS, GIKI and FAST should expect some intense swashbuckling, Caranchi-style.

This will not be easy.

For years of practice with the K.E.S.C have taken many-a-Karachiite’s survival skills to the next level. Watch out, you could be next!


3 Responses to “A new threat from the South”

  1. ahahah nice nice we cming to get our asses whooped lol

  2. dude
    we still cant enlist in the game thought with our khi.iba.edu.pk emails

  3. varsityheroes Says:

    We’ll open it up to you folks once our feature integration is complete.

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