Major bummer :'(

Bad dayNot a good day today. Though I’ve slept over it, I still can’t get over the fact that Obama beat me to the Nobel prize. I mean afterall we have strikingly similar resumes as far as working for peace is concerned: both of us have done zilch. Also both of us love war. Where’s the difference, anybody?

I don’t know why they chose him over me. Maybe black is trendier than brown.

Or maybe because he’s POTUS and I’m not (yet).

It’s one of those mysteries of the universe we’ll never uncover I guess. I’m hoping they’ll still give me a consolation prize though. Like a Nobel prize for literature (anyone who’s ever read this blog can vouch for my literary talents). Or for physics (I once mentioned Newton in a speech). Or medicine (also mentioned Dr. Phil in that same speech).

C’mon c’mon c’mon.

p.s. Integration of new Varsity Heroes features is almost complete. Next stop: testing.


3 Responses to “Major bummer :'(”

  1. A black man got the best of the world. :(

  2. thank you very much. That is good knowledge for me

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