Varsity Heroes goes international baby!

RugbyReal football was born in 1874 when Boston staged Harvard and McGill’s historic on-field encounter. 135 years later, these two universities will again be involved in a “first ever” – the first ever international tournament of a social strategy game which will connect them across the Atlantic with their counterparts in South Asia!

As of now ,the line-up includes Harvard, McGill, GIKI, LUMS, FAST and IBA. GIKI – last time’s champions and title-holders – have been sharpening their knives since over two months now in anticipation of saying hi to their North American cousins. I’m majorly stacking up on popcorn. It will be glorious!

Note: people from Harvard, McGill, IBA – registration is now open. Come one, come all!


4 Responses to “Varsity Heroes goes international baby!”

  1. woooooooooohaaa!!

  2. This is going to be fun now !

  3. Sorry for being a total dud, but when is this happening? Has it already happened? :o

  4. when is it going to happen :(

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