Wake up the tester in you…

Beta test it here or here.


7 Responses to “Wake up the tester in you…”

  1. Yaay, the flash is no more as heavy it was before. \o/

    Can we have the shoot button be the space bar or something? Playing with both hands would ease it out.

  2. Why has varsity heroes been dead for two months? Did everyone just annihilate everyone? Am I a late bloomer? Is the hype already over?


    • varsityheroes Says:

      No, not at all :-) The issue is we haven’t been able to get hold of an AS3 expert (varsity’s prime front-end technology) even after a country wide search!

      Now we’ve been developing the capability inhouse. Sadly that takes time – game development is not a skillset much prevalent in Pakistan.

      We’re not giving up. It’s a matter of “when”, not “if” :-) I can’t put a deadline on when we’ll be able to get the ball rolling, but it’s true that at the moment, the gig is on the back burner.

  3. ill be leaving IBA in a semester will it ever happen :(

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