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Propaganda posters for Varsity Heroes?

Posted in Poll on May 6, 2009 by varsityheroes

Once upon a timeThere’s nothing better than a little illustrative bashing to get somebody all pumped up and homicidal. You know a little inflammatory graffiti here, a dab of hate-art there, a propaganda poster hither, a spiteful caricature dither. It totally worked for the Soviets, for the Nazis, and for Kazakhstan.

So will it work for Varsity Heroes?

Well picture this: you’re walking to your dorm room all elated since you majorly aced the day’s quiz (ok a rare day) and on your way, you see this testosterone-spiking propaganda poster of rival university battalions reducing a famous campus landmark to rubble.

Or something along similar lines (you get the point).

Effective way to advertise on campus? Yes/No/Burp?


Varsity Heroes: Reloaded

Posted in Poll on April 20, 2009 by varsityheroes