Uber nerd wanted

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Apply nowKnow ActionScript? Want greatness? Apply now!

Note: send resumes to contact-at-varheroes.com and cc to baig.hassan-at-gmail.com


New Look

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BloodA couple of posts below, I mentioned the introduction of improved weaponry in the ongoing (and hopefully never-ending) saga of Varsity Heroes. So for instance as the new wars begin, each user can look forward to having several types of units at his/her disposal – all with different offense/defense capabilities, ranges and login bonuses. Also, there may be different objectives to future wars – instead of conquering the majority of the map for example, one may be required to just conquer certain enemy bases deep in the heart of enemy territory. Or defend a particular sector for a set number of turns against the opposition’s blitzkrieg. Or annex a secret sector. Or physically go to the enemy campus under cover of the night and abduct rival heroes. Or at least shave their heads.

Note: But no need to film them tied up and crying while you wave a Rooh Afza dripping saw in a to-and-fro motion near their necks. That’ll be going too far. It’s not funny. Stop day dreaming now *slap*

I digress. We’re also ruminating over the fate of some old features from the last tournament. Remember air-attacks, retreat mode, fortification and battalion morale? These features saw mixed success when GIKI, FAST and LUMS went head-to-head – hence a little nip and tuck is called for to up the ante. One possibility we’re exploring is integrating these features straight into the new offering. E.g. air-attacks can become a separate airborne unit you control (likewise for others). Or we can merge the old features so that they become more effective in unison. Or lastly, we might just do away with the them altogether.

In a nutshell, all possibilities are on the table at the moment – and so I strongly recommend you to watch this space for more updates as things become finalized and ready to roll. Until next time.

Happy Eid to all

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PartayyyyyHope you’re enjoying the festivities :-)


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For sale. Want it?Our computers are going broke in office left, right and center. Though luckily, so far there has only been trivial data loss. We’ve concluded that this is a deliberate conspiracy against us, and so have hired 50 Blackwater mercenaries to scour the countryside for a possible lead on the culprit. And no finding these mercs wasn’t so hard since we’re based in Islamabad. Retribution, I will lift up my hands in thy name.

p.s. Kanye West if you’re reading this, come down and meet some of the local taliban here. Tell them “I’mma let you finish, but this guy has the best facial hair of all time.”

New war fronts

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Martian front on earthOne conundrum our team is currently mind-wrestling with is how to expand the Varsity Heroes universe beyond campuses. The conclusion reached in our studio is that campus arenas are not the only settings students would want to fight over and conquer. This opens up a broad set of possibilities ranging from maps of real-world warzones to battle arenas inspired by sprawling worlds of popular games in the fantasy genre. Exciting possibilities, all of these.

So expect the future incarnation of Varsity Heroes to spill over to unexpected locations.

Why settle with words what you can settle with a flamethrower?

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New toysFlamethrowers coming soon to Varsity Heroes. Cruise Missiles too. Maybe a drone or two. This weapon will have to wait though.

A new threat from the South

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Lean mean fighting machineAs the curtains reopen after a hot summer and inter-university ownage makes a return, there are new rivalries in the air. We were recently able to add IBA’s gaming gods to the fold; and so LUMS, GIKI and FAST should expect some intense swashbuckling, Caranchi-style.

This will not be easy.

For years of practice with the K.E.S.C have taken many-a-Karachiite’s survival skills to the next level. Watch out, you could be next!